Charter Rules

In order to have a fun and safe charter, we have the following rules:

  1. NO BANANAS (this means no bananas on board or in your belly from breakfast). Bananas = fishermen’s bad luck.
  2. Fishing is at the Captain’s discretion for weather. If conditions are bad, we will do our best to reschedule.
  3. In order to guarantee your desired charter date, a 10% deposit is required in advance of the trip.
  4. If you are carrying bad luck, you MUST leave it at the dock.
  5. NO marking shoes. Acceptable- sneakers, boat shoes, or flip flops with light colored soles
  6. NO spray-on sunscreen. Please bring lotion.
  7. NO hard liquor is allowed. Beer in cans is welcome on board however if a member of the crew becomes intoxicated, the boat will return to port with no refunds.  This is to ensure a safe day on the bay (intoxication will be at the Captain’s discretion).
  8. Small coolers are allowed on the boat.  You are also welcome to use the coolers on board.
  9. Catching fish isn’t guaranteed but what is guaranteed is that Captain Dave will work hard to try and put you on the fish.
  10. No refunds once the boat leaves the dock. The charter cost is paying for expenses.
  11.  It is the law that all kids have to wear a life vest at all times. Let us know at the time of booking how many kids will be in your party (and their age) and a vest will be provided.
  12. If you have a fun trip, please spread the word.. and come back for another trip!