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Contact Capt. Dave for pricing:  410-218-7713

CAPT. DAVE’S GUARANTEE:  I wish I could guarantee a limit of fish for every guest angler for every single trip…but what I do promise you is that I will try my very best for you, on and off the water!  I keep my boat and gear well maintained, and I prospect spots before your charter to try very hard to put you on the fish.  I guarantee you my best… every single trip!


Charter Season: April-December Note: (time with the best bite- April-July)

The type of fishing available for charter will vary on the time of the Season and where the fish are biting. For more details, contact Captain Dave.

Species of Fish

(Note:  This all depends on the season and what is biting):

  • Rock Fish aka Striped Bass (MD) – April to December caught trolling, chumming, live lining & jigging
  • Bottom Fish (MD) – May to December primarily bait fishing (bottom rigs). Includes White Perch, Spot, Croaker (depending on availability)
  • Bluefish (MD)
  • Cobia (VA)
  • Flounder (VA)
  • Spanish Mackeral (MD & VA)- August to October high speed trolling with small spoons


Methods of Fishing:

  1. Chumming: fishing while the boat is anchored and using chopped up bait to attract fish to the area of water near the boat by creating a chum slick (bait residue leading to the boat). (Rockfish)
  2. Trolling: multiple rods are in the water and dragged by the momentum of the boat driving at a low speed. Planer boards are normally used to help spread the lines allowing maximum number of lures in the water without tangling. This method also ensures our rigs are in clean water without disturbance. (Rockfish)
  3. Bottom Fishing: the anglers each hold a rod and bouncing the sinker and hooks along bottom.  Contact with bottom allows us to catch fish that school on the bay floor.  (White Perch, Spot, Flounder)
  4. Live Lining: when fresh, live fish (usually Spot or White Perch) is used as bait to attract larger fish like Rockfish.
  5. Jigging: using lures known as jigs to catch fish.  Artificial movement is imparted to the jig by the rod motion attracting fish to strike the lure. (Rockfish)



“Dave gives a good experience, knows his stuff, and seems to genuinely enjoy his work and his customers. He is the best I have been out with so far.”- M.B.

“Thank you Dave for a great time on the bay. It was a fun packed day of fishing. You will be the only person I will go out with. Keep us in mind for when the big ones start coming in. Thank you again!”- D.M.

“I have fished with Dave Bell and had some of the best trips ever.  I have fished 3 other larger charters but this setup is great for fishing with just my real friends.”- G.B.

“I must say if you wanna catch good quality fish you gotta have top quality rods like Dave Bell”- J.B.

“My buddy and I went out with Dave Bell with the express purpose of learning all the techniques and tricks fishing the bay. We got exactly what we wanted (and our limit as well too). -M

“Anyone looking for a great charter, give Dave Bell a call. You will not be disappointed.”- D.M.

“Dave Bell is great. If anyone wants to catch some fish in the bay, he’s your man. Great small group experience.”- K.A.

“Dave is a great guy and he gets you on fish. He’s willing to teach you a little something too.- G.B.

“Look up Dave Bell. You will not find a better guy. Dave is a great captain and will get you on fish for sure.”-D

“Dave Bell is an excellent captain. He will put you on fish.”- J.H.

“It was a great time on the bay yesterday with Dave Bell. Anyone looking for a great time fishing and a great guy, look Dave up.”- D.

“Best money I ever spent. I recommend Dave Bell.”- M.B.

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